Need some time with the “Big Boys”?


Need some time with the Big Boys


We play well with others.

We don’t always have open press time in our large presses, but when we do we do make it available to our peers at a fair rate.

Our 400 ton Niagara has a bed of 54″ x 108″. It has a 40″ shut height and a 6″ stroke.

Our 500 ton Chicago has a very generous 54″ x 168″ bed. It has an 18″ shut height and a 6″ stroke.

When you need significant smashing power our newly factory rebuilt Minster 600 ton Hevi Stamper has a 48″ x 132″ bed, a 37″ shut height and a 12″ stroke.

If you need press time give us a call and see what breaks we have in our schedule. If we have a time slot available we are glad to help out. Call Woodie at (216) 458-0170 ext. 48

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